Rare earth permanent magnet plate goes against the market and the price of Rare Earth continues to rise, and its strategic value may continue to rise
On August 7, the rare earth permanent magnet plate bucked the market and strengthened, with Jinli permanent magnet trading limit, Yinhe magnet rising by 5%, Longci technology, Beikuang technology and yingluohua rose by more than 3%. The rare earth price index published by China rare earth industry association was 146.6 points on August 5, up 4.12% from the same period last month and 9.98% higher than that at the beginning of the year. Since August, the prices of praseodymium and neodymium in light rare earth have maintained an upward trend, while the prices of gadolinium and terbium in medium and heavy rare earths have risen. Guoxin Securities believes that domestic rare earth is facing international market competition, and Sino US relations have been tense again recently, and the value of rare earth allocation of strategic resources has been paid more attention. Li Chao, an analyst at CITIC Securities, said that in the near future, with the release of rare earth production indicators in 2020 and the continuous supply side strict control, combined with the impact of factors such as Sino US trade friction, high environmental protection pressure and purchase and storage expectations, it is expected that rare earth supply will continue to be limited, the supply and demand fundamentals are expected to gradually improve, and the strategic value of rare earth resources may continue to increase.

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